Pics from that one hunting trip...

Taking full advantage of that fire we worked so hard for.
Our beautiful mountains! Cameron is dangling over a cliff. Lookin' for those blasted sheep!

Me in my over-sized rain gear. Freezing to death. 
Me n' my best friend. 

On our way to our first destination. I loved the clouds resting on the hills. And that mans face. I love that too. 
Cliffside glassin. 
Lake Ann. This is where I saw all those people having fun. Without me. And we camped here too.
I'm on a horse. And smiling. Not because I like horses. But because we were heading home. And I could get off. 

Finally saw rams! Celebrate!


  1. I love everything about this. But I especially love the last picture. Cameron looks simply giddy.

  2. I just want you to know that the picture of you in your oversized rain gear is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of you. And I love all of this. Good heavenly days. I would have died.