Our little love story...

So, lets talk about striving to hear God's guidance and then faithfully following it.
This is me. Graduating from BYU-Idaho
Don't I look happy! Well I was sad. Well, actually I was happy. Because I was no longer this frazzled burnt out crazy lady just trying to get that piece of paper that was supposed to make me more money. But, I was a little sad. I was one of those girls who must have something wrong with her because she made it out of Rexburg single. (Which is odd, cuz LOTS of girls make it out of there single. Why do we somehow feel like we are the only girl walking away from this mecca of available men?) Now I had to face uncles asking me "What was wrong with those boys up there? They need their eyes checked?"Or the massive onslaught of blind dates that would quickly start lining up. So, I put on my big girl panties....and moved back into my parent's house. How sad.

The next few months were a little hard. No real job. (I just couldn't commit! Job offers came, and with half glazed eyes I waved as they moved on to some other girl with much more motivation.) I was lame. And then. My sister got married. My younger sister. And that. No girl should ever have to experience that.

So after all sorts of options came and went, I settled with a mission call. I felt good about it. Kind of. Sometimes. I was hot and cold. Yes and No. In and out. Ok, I'm sorry. I'll stop. Anyways....I knew that I loved God and the gospel, and that I wanted to share it. So, that was answer enough. After about 4 months of all sorts of madness, my papers finally submitted. And I was available that day. To leave.
New Jersey! 
5 months! I had to wait 5 months. For a stateside mission. I was furious! Ok, not really. I just waited. And boys came. And I let them go. Boys. I had been there. Done that. But a mission, that was new. So, as with the job, I waived the boys off into the abyss.

Until this one boy. He was smokin! Well, his face was. His pants? Oh his pants...we are still working on slowly destroying most of them. But, I was attracted to him. For some reason. Maybe it was that he was ok with wearing grandpa pants. He was a man. And worked hard. And climbed mountains. And just didn't care about what brand his pants were. And that was refreshing.

And then he emailed me. Then called me. Let's talk about that first phone call. I was done. Twitterpaited. I mean. I ran down stairs, plopped on the couch next to my Mom and exclaimed, "If he's real life, I'm going to marry him!" Then, embarrassed, I realized I had a mission call. And immediately scoffed at myself saying "just kidding."
I'm crazy.

But, he was different. I had dated. And dated a lot. But this boy. He had everything. Where did he come from?! I was falling. For someone I hadn't even met. Maybe it was his incredible good looks? Or that he had traveled ALL over the world? Was getting his Masters? Owned a home? Loved, played, and coached athletics? And grew up on a ranch? ...(I have to brag about him. Cuz he won't do it for himself. He's too humble....) Whatever it was, it worked.

Side note. I used to always ask girls how they knew. Ya know. Knew their husband was the one. They would never give me a specific reason! I had to know! Had I let the right one pass by already, because I didn't know how to know? Well. Don't panic. If you are in that stage. Trust me. You will know. You just will.

So we decided to meet. In Vegas. For 5 days. Yeah, we were brave.

And so it begins...

I'm sitting here a little nervous for my husband to walk through the door and catch me. I'm jumping at every sound. Like even at the wind. Sheesh. Now, my husband isn't scary or anything. I just know what will come. A scoff. And a laugh. Because I have finally joined them. All the Mormon girls who get married, and blog. I used to scoff at them too. And laugh. How stereotypical. Until it happened to me.
You see, you can only mosey around vacuuming, doing dishes, and trying to pretend like your busy for so long. So, we slowly find ourselves staring at our computer. And thus, here I am. So why don't I get a job? Life has been a mad rush lately. Weddings? Seriously. Why do we put ourselves through such anxiety? Anyways, back to why I'm here...maybe it's because I mostly just want to have some babies real quick and do the whole Mom thing. Like, tomorrow. Which would make my father-in-law quite glad. Let me explain. At our reception, ya know the shoe game?

This is us. Playing it. In my barn. Our reception was in my barn. How awesome huh. Anyways, notice how we are both holding up MY shoe?(yes they are flipflops.) This is in response to the question, "Who can go the longest without showering?" It's true. I can. I don't know why I just felt the need to confess that... 

Anyways, while playing we were asked who will be baby hungry first. Well, said father-in-law ripped his shoes off his feet and held them high for all to see. 
That man. I love him.  So, I'm gonna give him some grand-babies. 

So anyways.....you can see what has been on my mind. All I was really trying to say was that I can't get too busy. (job) Gotta save up lotsa energy for those ninos. (My husband speaks like 10 languages, ok 3, but he is currently teaching me Spanish. Ninos. Thats about all I got so far.)

So. Let's talk about that quote. The picture at the top. I find that it absolutely applies to my life. So here, I want to write about those vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. I write for those times when I find it hard to be thankful for this ride. During those occasionally deary days, I hope to return here. And be thankful. 

So speaking of thrilling bursts of speed. I recently had one. Let me preface. Yesterday we had a vacuum sales guy pay us a visit. And yes, we bought one. We are those people. Anyways, he heard we were recently married, and asked how long we had known each other. Before I could respond my husband shouts from the back room. A lie. He shouted a lie! He lied to our vacuum sales guy. He told him we had been together a year. Cuz he was afraid. He was afraid that when I responded that we met in January (not like started dating, met. Like, met on facebook met. In January. That means we met, got engaged, and married all under six months.) the guy would think we were weird. And crazy. Which we are. But I prefer to call it a miracle. Not crazy. Or weird. Mostly just a miracle. Cuz I believe they still happen. And it happened to us. So no more lies. How can I be embarrassed of what people might think? I know what I think. I think it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I will tell you more about it. Next time. 

But, speaking of miracles, I have to show you. Real quick. My husband. 

Isn't he smashing?!
What a miracle that a guy like him, picked a girl like me. I am grateful. Everyday. God is involved in the details of our lives. I know it. If we will strive to listen and hear his guidance in our life and then faithfully follow it, we will be where we need to be when we need to be there. And we just might find prince charming. If we're lucky. Like I was.