Before Baby

So. I know everyone is mostly just wanting to see pictures of our new little addition. And hear how he is, and just how absolutely happy we are. And trust me. I am more than willing to share. But due to my obsessive compulsive nature, I cannot simply bypass the events of the past year just to appease those baby lovers out there. So, here I will do a quick review of all that has happened prior to that grandeur event. Because, again, I want to look back and remember that my life is good. Reeeeal good. So here we go.

First off, Cameron’s work is awesome. And he works with the best folks around. And they do awesome stuff. Like plan work parties where everyone packs up and drives to New Mexico to the local casino to gamble lots of money. And since we are a young, super rich couple who loves to gamble, we went. Ok. Not really. But since we are a young couple with loads of time and being more than willing to pocket the said “gambling money”…we went. On the bus ride up they played games and handed out the cash. Cameron and I were so giddy over that envelope we could hardly keep from running down the isles tossing our benjamin’s in the air. But. We managed to control ourselves.

Before heading to the great and spacious (ie. casino) we moseyed around Sante Fe. Which is the most darling little town. But upon seeing so many shops full of trinkets, one tends to lose interest. So to keep ourselves amused, Mr. Barr and I invented a sort of...competition. The goal was to walk into the little shops and (without peeking at price tags) within 1 minute each competitor had to pick an object in the store that one thought would be the most expensive (or atleast more expensive than the object the opponent had chosen). It turned out to be great fun. Sometimes with quite surprising results (especially in art and clothing stores). But upon my celebrations getting too loud, (I was slowing gaining ground... my husband was kicking my hiney) Mr. Barr concluded that we were creating too much of a scene (Or rather, he was afraid of forfeiting his reign) and insisted we move our attention elsewhere. Which just so happened to be food. Duh. Which was quite fun and delicious.
Stopped at the most darling
French shop and had
ourselves a little cream
Upon finally arriving to the casino, Cameron wandered around doing…well I don’t really know. Because with our newfound wealth my darling had purchased me a full body massage. Because I was pregnant. And mostly because he is the kindest human around.

So I meandered up stairs. Stripped to my skivvies. Took a deep breath. And met my new best friend.
Kind of.

 I entered a dark room with a Sweed with greasy hair and cold hands. Brave I know. But she was nice. And strong. Too strong. "Zat feeel goood?" says the Sweed. I managed to squeak out a "yes" as her boney little fingers dug into my shoulders and neck. I was bracing myself for one long hour when a timer dinged and that woman whipped out hot towels. Glory hallelujah. Heaven bless hot towels. All was going to be well.

Yet, perhaps next time my money could be better spent begging that boyfriend of mine for an ol’ fashioned back tickle. I know. Ridiculous. But somehow having a stranger massage on you dims in comparison to good conversation, laughs, and tickles from my darling dear.

Regardless. It still felt nice.

Finally I met back up with that boy of mine as we made our way to the buffet and stuffed ourselves on a variety of roast, fried shrimp, lo mein, and cheesecake.

As we climbed back into the bus and made our way home, I rested my head on Mr. Barrs shoulder and stared out the window. And all was right in the world.

The following weekend we journeyed to Denver and made a pit stop at the ol museum. Which was the coolest! First off, Dinosaurs are the coolest things ever. I think when I grow up…I want to be… a person that goes to museums and stares at Dinosaur bones all the time. Because they never get old.

And Mr. Barr and I especially loved the “lab” portion of the museum. Except the brain power game. I mostly hated that one. Mostly because I lost. Every time. You see, we put on these cool helmets. And sit on opposite ends of a long table. With a ball in the middle. We then, with our minds, push that ball in our opponents direction. Except my brain never pushed a doggone thing. My "pushing" was consistently interrupted by that stupid ball arriving at my station. Usually at mock speed. It's like my brain wasn't even trying. I'd peek only to see Mr. Barr's eyes still closed because there is no way he expected his brain to be so powerful and push THAT fast. But it did.

I'm pretty sure my helmet was broken or something.

Finally, surrounded by eight year olds, we moved to a new lab. (Thank Heavens!) We slid on our white jackets and rubber gloves. Mr. Barr, in typical fashion, was slightly mortified to be participating in such a petty activity. But upon my insistence, we continued. And after some convincing, Mr. Barr took to it quite nicely. He was even willing to stand in line waiting for different science booth to open (the cereal one. It looked SO cool) But. Upon noticing (once again) that we were surrounded by others significantly younger than ourselves, he insisted to head somewhere more adultish. And we did.  Atleast I got to do the bacteria and germs tables. So I was happy. 

My scientist. Whose hair I cut. It's ok.
You don't need to praise me or anything.
I'm just really good at that.
Looking quite professional.
Oh. And we liked the animals. A lot. And then there was this selfie I had to take with this walrus guy. Because. I mean really. Is he not the happiest thing you ever did see?

And then we hopped in our non-ac speedster and hit the road. Of course, only after stopping off to pick up lamb food. Then while riding in our 97 degree vehicle (It's true. Thats how hot is was in our vehicle. We had a thermometer.) I decided I was feeling a wee bit nauseous. (And pregnant) So we stopped and ate. Because stuffing myself would make my sick tummy better? Anyway. It did. And then we took the scenic route home. And followed the rainbow. To our pot of gold. And lived happily ever after.


  1. Yay! A blog post! But just who are you calling a baby lover that needs to be appeased??? Haha.

    1. Haha! No no no. There have been several requests for a baby update! :)